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Fowl Weather is a Merrie Melodies short featuring Sylvester and Tweety. This is the first cartoon where Hector the Bulldog is given his name. Granny.
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Eddie Selzer uncredited. April 4, Merrie Melodies. Warren Foster. Hawley Pratt. Irv Wyner.

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Treg Brown uncredited. Mel Blanc Bea Benaderet uncredited. Carl Stalling. Sylvester Tweety Granny Hector the Bulldog. A Peck o' Trouble. Muscle Tussle. Kitty Kornered. Who's Kitten Who? A Taste of Catnip. This book is a must read for all animal lovers, whether you are owned by a single goldfish or "39 animals and 1 sock monkey".

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Aug 06, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: nonfiction , Make sure you read his other book, Enslaved by Ducks, first. This book was a bit darker than the other one, but I still loved it. Bob Tarte has a wonderful humorous way of describing things. I did get a little tired of his lasting depression every time one of his animals passed. It felt a little repetitive.

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I wish there were more videos online, so we could meet some of his animals. On Youtube, there are a handful of videos him and Bill Holm put together. They are bizarre and give a different imp Make sure you read his other book, Enslaved by Ducks, first. They are bizarre and give a different impression of the author. And it was lovely to put a face and personality to Bill Holm. Another lovely read Another lovely read by Mr. All his books have a great deal to recommend themselves to the reader.

One feels immensely sympathetic to his obvious existential despair, tempered by what can only be termed his brave humor.

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  • Tarts, you aren't alone, and your tales are heartwarming. Makes us feel less alone in the universe. The best to you, your family, both human and otherwise. Jul 19, Keli Wright rated it liked it. So I felt like I was reading this guys diary I do think though if I met him we would be friends because we could talk about all our crazy life experiences..

    Jan 04, Bridget Wright rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Noone. Shelves: quit-readig. I'm only 39 percent through this book and will not be finishing it. I am an animal lover and had such high hopes for this book. Not only did I not find any humor in it, I was disgusted by the deaths of the animals and the gruesome descriptions of some of their deaths. View all 4 comments. Feb 15, Catherine rated it really liked it.

    We had a disaster while I was reading this book: coyotes killed two of our ducks, the alpha female and Gimpy, the crippled male. We were heartsick, and for a while I couldn't finish reading Fowl Weather. I couldn't enjoy this book as I did the first one, but I know it is good. Jul 22, Breanna rated it really liked it Shelves: animal-stories , non-fiction.

    I liked this one as much as his first book. I can totally relate to Bob and Linda. Ive had quite a large mix of pets myself. I can understand how they may be a lot of work but the love they give makes up for it. They may stress you out one minute, but make you laugh the next. I can't picture my life without pets! Jan 29, Em rated it liked it. This book is more of a story about depression than animals. The author has several animals that are very dear friends to him but the book focuses more on how they help him during his times of depression than the animals being the primary focus.

    A very sad but good read so I would suggest having another book, or two, to read while reading this one. Mar 29, Raj rated it it was amazing. This books was so great. I didn't expect to like it but the stories really warmed my heart as cheesy as that sounds. As an animal lover I totally related to the author. And it's set right outside of Grand Rapids in Michigan.

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    This book helped me ignore my crappy apartment on Iowa St. Mar 31, Sue rated it liked it Shelves: finished-reading. I loved Bob's first book, Enslaved by Ducks. As a pet owner, I can relate to the lengths he goes to to care for his pets. I was really excited to read the follow up, but have been a little dissapointed.

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    There are less comedic stories about the myriad of pets, and more talking about depression and death. Still enjoyable, but the first was far better. Feb 04, Tracy Wisenburg rated it liked it. Fairly entertaining and humorous. Little bit too much focus on his severe depression. I'd be depressed too if my pets died as much as his seem to. Still a decent read while waiting out the foul weather of the blizzard of Jul 18, Jessie rated it really liked it.

    This was a cute and funny book. The author was able to make me laugh with his tale of his many animals. Plus he was able to bring some humor to sad subjects such as his dad dying and his mother's alzheimer's. I look forward to reading his other book. Oct 13, Peter rated it it was ok. Disappointing - billed as humor, and there was some, but overall a book about a man suffering from anxiety and depression and having difficulty handling life's challenges. So while there were light parts and some entertaining and eccentric characters, I felt more pity than humor.

    Mar 17, Sonia rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction , memoir , animals. It wasn't as full of funny animal stories as "Enslaved by Ducks," in fact it was pretty depressing, since a lot of the characters you grew to love in the first book met their demise in this one. However, it ended satisfactory. We were not allowed to "cock-a-doodle-do," for that was sacrilegious, it seemed. That night I had a really strange dream that my mother and I were taken hostage by a flock of evil chicken spirits. The chickens ordered us to discuss the merits of using the dehydrated blocks of chicken broth versus genuine chicken soup.

    I did the best that I could but the chickens refused to release us because we missed a key point: Cubes are easier to carry on long trips. I'm considering converting to the chicken lifestyle, my mother suddenly exclaimed. I reminded her that this was not really possible, as she lacked feathers and a beak.

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