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The story is of Empyrea, an island in the Andromeda galaxy belonging to planet Vathura. The story starts where we found an archeologist Hannah , accidentally found the pyramid which contains the mortal remains and possessions of king Djoser. Among them she found the key of Andromeda galaxy too which she ignored unintentionally. In process of collecting and preserving and transporting the antiques and valuables she came across one papyrus letter, stating " We are more thankful to your father for saving out Kemet, for sure we will keep the key of Empyrea safe and help you in finding the " She rummaged scroll after scroll and finally found the one with details of Empyrea.

The description of Empyrea was so beautifully described in detail that it made her and me both fall in love with Empyrea. She was more then intrigued to find more but soon all the possessions was transported to Miami for an exhibition cum fundraiser for autistic children. Here the gangster looted all the treasure and not only found the key of Empyrea,but also solve the puzzle which was necessary for entering Empyrea.

The villain fought with creatures of Empyrea , struggled for survival and accidentally get the Scepters which hold the power and turned them I to lords of Empyrea. The evil older lords also came in scene and rest was history. The fight between evil and good took place in which the good emerged as winner. The Empyrea after years get back his lords and Scepters finally get their rightful and brave owners.

All through the story the different incidents keep us hooked. What's going to happen next kept me glued. The fight scenes ,the descriptions and the different species are portrayed beautifully. The thing I loved most is the beautiful illustration all through the book. The different sketches of species an mostly the beautiful sketches of nature makes the book all the more interesting. This book is a must read for all the fantasy lover and non fantasy lover too because if you want to experience your first ride in a fantasy world,this is just the ride for you guys.

May 07, Devika Ramadoss rated it really liked it. Fantasy, Fantasy and Fantasy is what you will see in this novel. As the title suggest it is indeed a journey to a different world.

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A memory you gonna have when you finish the book will be beyond your imagination. Quiet easily will get you into the book as it ticks most possible pointers for a good fantasy book. It was fantastic at the first half and towards the end. Read more to have a complete review. I came across the fact that this book took 7 long years for the author to finish.

That effort was very much seen inside the book. This book has a plot, has a story , has thriller, has nail biting events and even N number of illustrations. I had always thought the scene illustrations in a book would be a threat to readers imagination and creativeness. But this book had other plans. The illustrations were pretty much enormous and it was hard to believe that would it be possible like that? It was cinematic through out the book.

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While reading this you will definitely feel the traces of few movies you had admired and loved. The book can be splitted into three part of Empyrea as like Past, present and future. The past part was almost the description of Empyrea which was quiet astonishing with the nature and beings.

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The future is full of action and revenge and this is the part which takes the whole limelight from all. The stage is set for you to enjoy the full action thriller war sequence. Coming to the present part is where I felt bored or the story became too lean with similar kind of descriptive as past Empyrea.

The Empyrea description through the eyes of four human lords. Although it had many important facts for the story line, the similar and repeated description part could have been avoided. The other fact which is little disappointing is the human characters this is purely from social point of view, my view who were criminals and assassins in earth becomes so good in Empyrea just like that and become great lords.

May be the human characters could have been little inspiring as in Earth too. The Illustrations and description are the ultimate plus for this book. If you are fantasy lover and you wish to experience a cinema experience while reading a book then this book will not disappoint you. Glad to see many Indian fantasy authors.

May 13, Amita Sehrawat rated it really liked it. The Cover: A white ape humongous in size and a small but equally confident looking green man facing it with calm To be honest, I did not pay attention to the cover until I entered the fantasy world and then obviously went back to it to refer and verify what I read and imagined.

So yes, I do like the cover page. It does not spill any beans and is relevant with the theme. How did I like the book: In the minimum words possible, I would call this book as an absolute page turner.

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Treasure hunt, pyra The Cover: A white ape humongous in size and a small but equally confident looking green man facing it with calm Treasure hunt, pyramids, life beyond pyramids, puzzles, Serpents, Dinosaurs, Gorillas, Mammoths, White magic, Dark Magic, modern day action, laughter, tears Name an element of Hollywood movie and it's there. I would not say that it was a perfect read - I noticed some typo's here and there mostly related to tenses The author moved to and fro in present and past tenses a lot which did break down the enthusiasm.

Although a parts were a little predictable, but yet, there was a smooth blend of two worlds!!! I could not stop laughing at the mention of Thunder god - Thor!!! Seriously, there was no need of taking a cue from Avengers!

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Then, who would ever imagine a call from bank for a credit card when you are fighting for your life!!! The language of the book felt simple and easy to go along. I also liked the narration style - the fantasy world was all alive right in front of my eyes while reading it. Yes, It's a thick book and I did skimmed through a few pages - specially the war part, But I am still impressed and really liked it. The little illustrations also helped me relate to the imagination as a reader. Only if they were as in number as portrayed in the trailer!

But then, I did admire the ones which were there. Truly I am pleasantly surprised at the fact that it's Mr. Vignesh Ravichandran's debut novel. Would I recommend it to anyone? Definite yes to any fantasy lover. PS: I wanted to give 3. May 16, Shruti Pandey rated it really liked it. This his debut novel which is a fantasy fiction take you through some unbelievable and nerve wracking illustrations. The cover of the book gives you a glimpse of war between human and inhuman creatures which is admired by many people in the form of some great movies.

According to me it could be more better. The concept and the story line was very wonderful and captivating as it tells you a story of around years ago when Egyptian was the only human to receive invitation to enter Empyrea an island in the Neverland. The first part of the story gives you eye soothing and calming visuals. But eventually the story gets slow paced and honestly I got bored but the plot and concept of the story hooked me to read it till end.

Surely the final part of the story is like the climax of any movie which takes you on adventurous journey. The narration was eminent and language was understandable. Development of characters throughout the story was noteworthy. The hard work and efforts of 7 long years by the author is clearly presented in the story which was inspired by his dreams. Definitely the book was quite long and it will take a hell out of patience to read it till end and I feel some part in the story should be removed so that it does not become long and boring. People who love fantasy fiction will definitely love and admire the work of author and I will surely wait for the author next work.

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The author has so beautifully described the land of Empyrea with pretty flowers, exotic trees and the weird, creepy wildlife that it makes the reader feel to be a part of the story itself. As the story unfolds, it is depicted that only Egyptians of all the people on Earth are allowed to enter the bizarre world of Empyrea.

When they do visit, their experience is indescribable! The Egyptians are fascinated by the weird and creepy Flora and Fauna of Empyrea, However they're unaware of what awaits them further. The Emperor of Empyrea offers the Egyptians a secret way to return to their land but also sends some of his own scepters along.

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Now, the question arises if the Empyreal scepters will be able to conquer the Earth or if the Egyptians will be able to save their land from these Invaders from another galaxy! Despite being a long read, the story narration and language keeps the reader's attention intact till the very end. The suspense of what will happen next, keeps the reader going. Loved the concept of this story, provided a nice break from the romance and sitcom stories. Kudos to the author!