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Numerical Analysis is an interdisciplinary topic which develops its strength only when viewed in close connection with applications. Nowadays, mechanical.
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Fregly and J. Inverse dynamics analysis of driver-seat-steering system using multibody human model. Hada, E. Yasuda, T.

Kobayashi, T. Yamaguchi and Y. Development of a human-robot dynamic model to support model-based control design of an upper limb rehabilitation robot.

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Triceps surae biomechanical parameters identification using the Markov chain Monte Carlo method. Interpolation and truncation model reduction techniques in coupled elastic multibody systems. Interpolation-based parametric model order reduction for elastic multibody systems. Quadratic manifolds for reduced order modelling of highly flexible multibody systemsSystems. Towards viscoplastic constitutive models for Cosserat rods. Planar rigid-body motion identification by tracking pressure points of three ellipses along straight lines.

Energy-efficient point-to-point trajectory generation for industrial robotic machines. Boscariol, G. Carabin, A. Gasparetto, N. Lever and R. Dynamics mimicking of wheelchair as a mobility enhancing platform. Inertia effects on virtual contact dynamics in haptic displays. Reduction of the effect of actuator saturation with periodic servo constraints. Allotta, R. Conti, R. Costanzi, F. Fanelli, E. Meli and A.

Numerical simulation of n-body asteroid aggregation. Heterogeneous, multi-tier wheel ground contact for planetary exploration.

Multibody system

Lichtenheldt, M. Hellerer, S. Barthelmes and F. Simulation of the flexible body moving in viscous fluid. Martinez, J. Aguirre, M. Saura, P. Segado and A. Forward dynamics of variable topology mechanisms - The case of constraint activation. Exploiting frame-invariant operators for the efficient numerical simulation of flexible multibody systems. Automated natural coordinate selection for fast symbolic-numeric dynamic simulation.

Callejo, T. Uchida, J.

Model order reduction based on successively local linearizations for flexible multibody dynamics

Symbolic multibody modeling based on recursive multibody operators and expression atomization. Towards bridging the gap between motion capturing and biomechanical optimal control simulations.

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Gail, R. Hoffmann, M.

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Miezal, G. Bleser and S. Performance evaluation of different control strategies for the forward dynamic simulation of human gait.

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Underactuated approach for the control-based forward dynamic analysis of acquired gait motions. Mouzo, U.

Non-Smooth Newton Methods for Deformable Multibody Dynamics

Font-Llagunes and J. Comparison of control and optimization approaches for trajectory tracking in the forward dynamic simulation of biomechanical multibody systems. Optimal trajectory generation for the biped walking on inclined surfaces. Gait and posture responses to backpack load. Evaluating contacts between rope and pulley. Dynamic modeling approach for a continuous moving belt. Influence of the fibre spring-damper model in a simple laboratory mechanical system on the coincidence with the experimental results.

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Topology optimization of bearing domains in flexible multibody systems. Modeling, simulation and validation of a concrete pumps boom system considering elastic deflection and hydraulic equipment. Direct differentiation of state-space equations of motion in natural coordinates. Relationship between the natural and relative coordinates through the DeNOC matrices. Use of the weighting minimum norm solution for redundantly constrained multibody systems. Computing frictional contact forces in rigid multibody dynamics using a primal-dual interior point method. A comparative study for some semi-recursive methods on real-time multibody vehicle dynamics model.

Pan, J. Experimental verification of performance improvement strategies for planetary exploration rovers. Lou, S. MacMahon, B. Ghotbi, F. Gonzalez, J. Kovecses and J. Effect of multi-pass on the mobility of wheeled robots on soft terrain. Analysis of impact manoeuvres with planetary exploration rovers. Dynamics analysis for multiple robot vehicle of deep-seabed mining system using DIMS.

Lim, J. Oh, H.