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The Architecture of Change: Building a Better World. Edited by Jerilou Hammett and Maggie Wrigley Foreword by Michael Sorkin Designed by Peter Scholz.
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Skip to content. Skip to navigation. Coming soon. With sharp historical perspective, Making a Better World traces the rise and fall of a public housing ethic in Los Angeles and its impact on the city's built environment. Don Parson's examination not only gives us the recent history of a city but also opens up a new debate on a current national crisis in providing shelter for low-income Americans. A thoroughly researched study that can also serve as a catalyst to corrective and creative action.

Political Science , History , Sociology , Public housing. During the s, Los Angeles—like many other cities across America—began demolishing public housing projects that had come to symbolize decades of failed urban policies. But public housing was not always regarded with such disdain.

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In the years surrounding World War II, it was a popular New Deal program, viewed as a force for positive social change and supported by a broad coalition of civic, labor, religious, and community organizations. Socially conscious architects and planners developed innovative and livable projects that embodied the latest theories in urban design. In place of public housing, conservative forces promoted a pro-private growth agenda that redefined urban renewal and reshaped modern Los Angeles.

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No conventional public housing projects have been constructed in Los Angeles since Don Parson is an independent scholar based in Thousand Oaks, California. He is the author of numerous articles on urban politics, planning history, and housing. Kevin Starr is professor of history at the University of Southern California and state librarian emeritus.